Paulo Coelho on Sharing vs. Repression

When I was active on Myspace (I am not anymore), ???Fly me to the moon??? (Frank Sinatra) was deleted from my profile.
So who deleted the song? The answer is simple: greed and ignorance.
Greed that does not understand that this world has changed. Ignorance that thinks that, if the music is available for free, people are not going to buy the CD.

A] some will say :
you are rich enough to afford having your texts here for free.
It is true that I am rich (as were Frank Sinatra, and his heirs), but this is not the point. The point is that we want to first and foremost SHARE something. If you go to most of the pages, what will you see? Fantastic pictures, great blogs, amazing photos. For free. My texts are for free here. And you can reproduce them anywhere provided that you name the author.

B] The industry will say:
artists cannot survive without being paid.
But the industry is thinking on the opposite direction of our reality today. I follow Hilal on Twitter (even if she tweets once a year???). Hilal is from Turkey, but lives in Russia (and she is the main character in ALEPH). She first read a pirate edition of ???The Alchemist???. Hilal download the text, read it, decided to buy the book. Up to today, I have over 12.000.000 hard copies sold in Russia, and counting.

C] I also decided to create ???The Pirate Coelho???, an non-official fan page that allows people to download the full texts in different languages. I am selling more books now than ever. (Where is it? Well, not difficult to find???)

D] How did all these social communities start?
At first it was just wanting to chat with another person. But chatting isn???t enough ??? we have to share the music, the book or the film that we love. When there was no law against it, this information was exchanged freely. Finally, when the entertainment industry caught on, the repression began.


Did ReverbNation Accelerate Myspace Decline? – hypebot

“Instead, every one of my artists’ inboxes are filled with event invites and mailing list messages from other bandsnot from fans.

In the past two months I have seen exactly one fan letter.

Between the constant spam and the problematic interface, I don’t like to engage with Myspace at all, and feel that it would be kinder if the poor site were gently put out of its misery as soon as possible.”

Kirsten from Arctic in Hypebot on MySpace

Engaging Fans Through Social Media

Last week I gave a talk at by:Larm, Norway???s premiere music industry conference and festival. I was invited by GramArt, a nonprofit that works to help musicians, to talk about musicians and social media. If you click here you can download a PDF of the slides and notes from my talk.

In it I identify several of the concerns and issues I???ve been hearing as I interview musicians about audience interaction, argue that it can be easier to handle many of these issues if you understand fan culture, and offer some specific bits of advice that I hope can help musicians and those who work with them navigate these new and still-challenging waters.

The presentation is cc licensed, please pass it around and share it if you like.

Thanks to the many people whose cc licensed flickr shots I used, to GramArt for inviting me, to the many musicians who generously spent time talking with me, to everyone who???s helped me connect with musicians to interview (I???m still at it ??? let me know if you???ve got good contacts!), to the many people who came to hear me at by:Larm and whose questions helped me better understand musicians??? concerns, and to Microsoft Research New England for the intellectual home and financial support they provided as I launched this project.










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