Spotify launches Fan Insights analytics for artists

“The new dashboard solves one of Spotify’s headaches this year: the fact that its previous partner for providing analytics to artists – Next Big Sound – was bought by another streaming service, Pandora, earlier in 2015. Fan Insights has been developed in-house as a replacement.

Ahead of the launch, Music Ally got a demo of the new dashboard from Spotify’s head of artist services Mark Williamson and VP of product Charlie Hellman, who said that its emphasis is on “actionable” information rather than a deluge of data.


‘In our early days of going out and speaking with artists and managers, we went out with reams of data: ‘here you go, let’s see what sticks’,” said Williamson. ‘But this is not about how we can throw as much data at you as possible and get you guys to process it. We’ve listened to the whole ‘too much data’ theme you’ve been hearing about on panels, and tried to focus on stuff that’s useful.'”

More detailed explanation here: