Using Google Glass: at a Justin Timberlake concert | The Verge

Glass could legitimately change the way we interact with real-life events. No matter what, holding a smartphone during a concert is distracting, not only for the person holding it, but to the rest of the people in the audience. As the show went on, and JT played hit after hit, more and more people were recording videos with their smartphones as I watched the show and captured moments with Glass. Even though I was bobbing my head and dancing to the music, the headset stayed put — there were even times that I forgot I was wearing Glass altogether.

Wearing Glass let me near-instantly record a video or snap a photo whenever I chose, and alleviated the inconvenience of reaching into my pocket for my iPhone. It’s much easier to press a shutter button on the side of your face while you\’re looking at your subject than it is to take out your phone, activate the camera, and snap. Glass’ wide-angle lens does a very good job of capturing exactly what you’re looking at, and you don’t need to tilt your head to frame your photos. What you see with your eyes is what you get.

via Using Google Glass: at a Justin Timberlake concert | The Verge.

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