|The subpolitics of online piracy

The subpolitics of online piracy

 just published my article The Subpolitics of Online Piracy: A Swedish Case Study which was co-authored with Jessica Linde. Our presentation of this research at ISA2010 in Gothenburg is available here [slides+audio]. The article will go into an issue of Convergence later this year, but the OnlineFirst edition can be found here. For the copyright-free final draft version go here.

ABSTRACT “Pirates”and “anti-pirates” have become common concepts in the cultural political debate, as the file-sharing phenomenon is a delicate and disputed subject. The fact that people organize in networks to share data with each other has led film and music companies from all over the world to initiate a number of anti-piracy organizations, assigned to protect the property rights to culture and information. In Sweden, the industrial organization The Swedish Bureau of Anti-Piracy on the one side, and the network The Bureau of Piracy together with The Pirate Party, on the other, play important parts in the prevailing conflict. The purpose of this article is to apply a sociological perspective on the collective act of file sharing. By focusing on the distinctly organized part of file sharing activities as well as on the everyday practices of users, the goal is to describe how the collective action and the production of knowledge, taking place in relation to online piracy, can be understood. 

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