1/4 of Twitter verified accounts are musicians

Approximately one quarter of Twitter’s verified accounts belong to musicians, many of them quite famous. The Echo Nest is applying our music intelligence platform to identify which verified accounts belong to recording artists and to deliver that data to Twitter, helping to organize Twitter verified accounts, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We are also adding these artists’ Twitter IDs to our Rosetta Stone ID mapping technology, which helps music services and app developers easily incorporate Twitter into their music apps without having to manually scour through the Twitter API to find musicians. Now, any developer can include these artists’ tweets within their apps. (Developers must comply with Twitter’s terms of service, of course.)

This move strengthens Twitter’s position as a crucial part of the internet’s infrastructure; it allows music app developers to incorporate real-time statements from popular artists into apps of all kinds; and it will help create a stronger bond between artists on their fans on a variety of platforms.

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