Interviews: Tom Waits | Features | Pitchfork

Pitchfork: Is the internet a big part of your life?

Tom Waits: No. I mean, it’s necessary, but it’s not really part of my world. It’s robots, right? They are taking over the world. What is the biggest enemy of a computer?

Pitchfork: I’m going to say water.

TW: There you go. Slowly, their goal is to eliminate all the water on Earth so they can just hum in a room somewhere with each other, generating information. Right now we’re part of their plan because we’re helping them promote and become more popular, but eventually they’ll kill us off.

Pitchfork: Right now I’m only able to listen to your album in front of my computer because of this promo stream thing I have.

TW: Oh, sorry about that.

I’ve been told that Tom Waits doesn’t use computers but has other people do it for him when needed. Exhibit A in enduring over time without using social media.


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