Fans of “Psych” Compete for Killer Prize

Most social games have perks for those at the top of the leaderboard, but USA Network may be unique in making one of those perks be the opportunity to become a murder victim. But it does suit a game based on Psych, USA Network’s drama starring two detectives known for their quirks and quips. The Psych tie-in #HashTagKiller (HTK) went live today in a seven-week game leading up to the show’s Oct. 12 season premiere.

The game immerses fans in a Psych storyline specifically created for this experience, which involves inspecting interactive crime scenes fans, deciphering crime scene clues, and following leads to catch the mysterious killer. Making the game a genuine extension of the USA Networks hit show, the integral original videos are shot in broadcast quality and feature Shawn and Gus (series stars James Roday and Dule Hill). Players can engage with them and with other fans in real time through messages on Facebook, picture messages and audio feeds, as though fans were actually helping the detective duo solve the case. Fans also can join USA’s own cross-platform Character Chatter, which pulls together live feeds from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere, to discuss HTK clues and developments.


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