The CASH platform: A peek at what we’ve been up to – Blog/CASH Music

We’ve been building a free and open-source platform for musicians that will let them own and control all of the functionality they need on their website. It plays nice with WordPress or any existing PHP site. It works on its own or as part of a bigger CMS. It installs with a single, small file uploaded to your server. And it works without any programming at all – a single line or code copied to your page and you’re done.

The platform does stuff like email-for-download, download codes, paid downloads, and integrations with all sorts of third parties, social networks, etc. Really that’s the key: it lets artists work how and where they want to, and helps pull everything through their own website.

We’ve been using code for the platform in projects for a while now, and we’re finally nearing a full release.

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