Does Facebook Make It Harder To Interact With Fans? – hypebot

Does being thanked on Facebook annoy you? Facebook thinks so. We send one short personal “Thank You” message to every person who “Likes” our page. For example, we target fans of “True Blood” in our area, and joked a little bit with them in our thank you message: “I see you’re a fan of True Blood. Us too. Our dream gig is to make an appearance as the house band at Fangtasia.”

We have often received positive messages back. But if we do this too many in a row, Facebook suspends privileges claiming that this activity is annoying or spamming. So we thought we???d ask you. Does a personal thank you message from a band you “Like” annoy you?

We asked our fans this, and they don’t seem to think so. One fan responded “It’s stupid. The note I received from you was one of the nicest I’d ever gotten. The policies are dumber every day and it seems I make connections in spite of FB not because of it.”


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