Turntable.fm Showing How Sharing Music Is Communication | Techdirt

It’s hard to use Turntable.fm and not recognize that sharing music is a very legitimate form of communication.In many ways, it’s a further manifestation of a point about culture that Julian Sanchez raised a couple years ago, about how culture is built off of shared cultural experiences. It’s the sharing part of culture that makes the culture valuable. If only you experience it, it just doesn’t have the same power. Turntable.fm’s key reason for being so addictive is that it’s one of the first operations, whether on purpose or not, that has effectively taken that key aspect of culture, and turned it into a service.

However, separate from just how Turntable.fm highlights this key point, I think it also helps explain why the legacy recording industry and many politicians have made so many wrong and counterproductive moves concerning dealing with music in the internet era. Rather than realizing that music is communication, they look at it solely as a unit of content.

One thought on “Turntable.fm Showing How Sharing Music Is Communication | Techdirt

  1. Thanks for posting this Nancy. I’ve been amazed at how compelling the turntable experience is. I managed to get in before it became US-only and there was no way the geography was going to keep me out. I’ve been seeing a bit of activity around people promoting their own music and trying to connect with fans that I thought you might be onto. I also stumbled early on into a room hosted by the musicgourmets.com community and it’s been a socially rewarding experience in just the way it’s described in your post. Would love to hang out with you sometime on the decks :).

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