Why Facebook Cannot Be Trusted

About 10 days ago I was informed that Facebook, in its infinite, benevolent — and, apparently, irreversible — wisdom, had decided that our “Fan” page was actually a “Community” page. There was no explanation for the involuntary re-categorization. Nor was there any recourse offered, other than a link that said “if you think this reassignment was made in error, click here”. That was not an link back to the original configuration, but a way to submit a request to get the original settings restored.At first I did not think too much of the change. It looked like the page was performing precisely as it had before the involuntary change. But then I started to notice one mission-critical difference: I could no longer set the “default tab” for first time visitors to the page.

I did not fully grasp what was happening until the good folk at DamnTheRadio (just recently a subsidiary of the FanBridge e-mail service) – whose excellent customer service typically responds to user inquiries within just a few hours – explained to me that Facebook, again in their infinite, benevolent –  and apparently arbitrary and capricious – wisdom, had eliminated the”set default tab” feature, but only for “Community”pages!

In other words, for reasons unforeseen and unknowable, Facebook had a) changed the category of my page and b) consequently disabled what I regarded as the single most important feature of the page.


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