Dan Bull Auctioning Off A Custom Song On eBay | Techdirt

Dan seems to recognize that and is running an experiment in which he tries auctioning off the creation of a new song on eBay. Since eBay auctions disappear, here’s a screenshot:The text reads:

Hello, my name is Daniel and I make songs. You can see my stuff by typing “Dan Bull” into YouTube. I’ve decided to find out what my music is really worth so I’m sticking myself on eBay. The winning bidder will receive:One song on any topic of your choice, written, performed and produced by Dan Bull. Duration: 2.30 – 3.30 approx. I will liaise with you via e-mail if there any specific details you wish to include in the song. You will be free to use and redistribute this song in any way you wish, however I reserve the right to do the same. The song will be delivered to you in MP3 format within 14 days of the winning bid.

Get bidding now, because this may never happen again. Love from Dan 🙂 x

There are definitely musicians for whom I’d bid on a custom song. Definitely.

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