The State of The Music Industry and the Delegitimization of Artists: Pt. 6 – The Hills are Alive??? (TuneCorner)

More artists are making money, getting known, monetizing their fame through opportunities that just five years ago were unthinkable.

Try as they might, the flood of creativity and the shift cannot be stopped.  Due to technology and new business models, control of the music industry is moving from record labels, MTV, commercial radio and brick and mortar retail stores to artists, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Pandora, ISP providers and all of us.  The consolidation of the music industry and the editorial control over what artists are allowed in and what we get to hear is gone. We can make our own decisions now.  We have new choices to pursue our dreams of being an artist or discover and share music in ways never thought possible.

Campaigns should be embarked on educating artists about their rights.  Laws should be changed to allow easier collection of royalties and the ability to be included in even more opportunities.  There should be government grants in the U.S supporting the arts – just like every other first world nation around the world.

This is the story the media should talk about.  This is what the music industry should embrace. The world of artists has finally expanded to us all. 


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