Maybe music has to be a service with social components…

Maybe music has to be a service, with social and other components, because people just don???t see a reason to buy it anymore, they don???t even see a need to acquire it, because it???s so readily available!

Challenge the preconceptions.  Don???t beat me up, I???m just the messenger, I don???t hold any music copyrights.

It appears if something???s not free, it gets no traction.

Used to be it was free on the radio.

Then it was free on TV.

Now it???s free online.  And so ubiquitous that there???s no incentive to buy.

With TV and radio exposure fading, you need free exposure to get started.  Maybe the money???s in the deluxe packages, or in the convenience where payment is so cheap, it saves you time.

We???ve got to redefine the debate.  The public is way ahead of us.

MOG and Rdio and Napster and Rhapsody are all good services.  But none of them has made a dent because you have to pay to play.

YouTube is free.  Monetization is being figured out along the way.  Maybe we need to admit music is free and work from there.

From the Lefsetz Letter


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